Plant When Danger of Frost has Passed

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The weather has been so beautiful this weekend that despite exhausting myself with ivy pulling yesterday -- yes, I did buy the Cherry Garcia -- I couldn't resist picking up some herbs and seeds and doing some planting today. I needed new work gloves, and broke my vow never to buy women's work gloves again. Village Hardware never has men's gloves in size small, and the work seems so much harder if the gloves are too big. I looked again for a strong pair of women's gloves. They did have one style in heavy leather, but they only had size large. The best pair they had in my size was made out of white leather. White. White work gloves. Is this a joke? What kind of work do they think women do in leather work gloves? Prune the roses? I bought them anyway.

So, I planted some herbs in a couple of large pots outside my front door, and I planted some winter squash seeds alongside the house. Now I have things I must remember to water, but I'm better in the garden than I am in the kitchen -- I have a houseplant that I've had for 17 years -- so I'm optimistic that I'll have herbs right outside the door all summer, and a nice crop of butternut squash at summer's end.

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