Countdown to the debate

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Twelve minutes to go. This oughta be interesting, one way or the other. Mike's here; he had a job interview in DC today, and he has another one tomorrow. He's going through this hugely important career-determining process: interview--call-back--interview; it's incredibly stressful. It's a good thing this happens to the young; it'd kill the rest of us.

So, 9 minutes to go. I don't expect Palin to actually answer any questions. I suspect she has a suitable number of short speeches memorized, which she'll immediately segue into each time she's asked a question. I expect Biden to be smart but long-winded.

Mike wants to watch on CNN; he likes the graphics on the screen that show the audience response. I hate that crap; I'd rather watch on PBS. I caved in and tuned to CNN; I'll try to ignore the graphics.

One minute to go...

Here we go. I like Gwen Ifill's jacket. Nice color.

Palin is hyper--very eager.

First question: the bailout bill. This is an easy one for Biden; he knew this would be one of the questions.

Palin. She's got a prepared speech too. She's speaking a bit fast; she's nervous.

Another economic question. Who's fault? Palin: predatory lenders. She's super-rehearsed; she's giving prepared speeches, as I expected.

Biden scores by nailing McCain on deregulation.

Biden scores again in his rebuttal to her speech.

Ifill: tax question. Biden gives a good job. What's up with Palin? Why is she being so confrontational?

Biden is winning on points. Palin is too rehearsed and too confrontational.

HAHAHA the ultimate bridge to nowhere! SCORE

Question: what will you give up? Biden gives a good answer. He's on his game.

Palin's giving another rehearsed speech rather than answering the question. She took on the oil companies in Alaska? Who knew?

Palin is all talking points now.

Biden answers the next question. Palin doesn't; she gives another unrelated speech on energy.

Ifill: what about climate change? Palin: starts to lose it on this question. Biden goes after McCain's record of voting against alternative energy. Good point.

Ooh--same sex benefits. Biden's all for it. Hurray for a no-nonsense answer. Can't wait to hear what Palin has to say. Says she's tolerant, but marriage is between one man and one woman. Biden: doesn't support redefining marriage. Palin ducks the comeback from Ifill.

Iraq. Palin gives a prepared speech. Biden says Obama's got a plan. Palin says it's a white flag of surrender. Dang she sounds angry. Biden has a good response: McCain was wrong about the war at the beginning.

Question about Pakistan, Iran.

Hahaha, Biden brings up McCain saying he wouldn't sit down with Spain.

Palin is well-rehearsed. She gives a speech on Israel. Biden follows up by actually answering the question.

Nuclear weapon use--what a question! Palin brushes it off and goes back to Afghanistan. Biden: facts matter. Back and forth. Biden wins on points again.

Palin gets sarcastic. She's been personally attacking Biden. He hasn't attacked her--he's just answering the questions with facts.

Palin gives another speech: McCain knows how to win a war.

Ifill asks how a Biden administration would differ from an Obama administration. It's an opportunity for Biden to give a speech.

Palin answers with yet another speech. groan.

Palin tries the "there you go again" line. It doesn't work for her the way it did for Reagan. She's on her high horse.

Somebody has explained to Palin what the vice president does every day. lol.

Palin gives a speech that is supposed to be heartwarming or inspirational, but she's so confrontational that it sounds more like she's arguing.

Boilerplate from here on out.


GO MARY GO!!!! This is soooo painful to watch. UGH!!!!!!

OMG!!!! Palin is such an betcha! Hey, can you see Mexico from St. Louis????? How about Russia.

HELP!!!! She is sooo DUMB! Palin is not any help to women of this world...GOD help us.

Hi guys, I think I should give up on live-blogging. Rereading this, I realize I didn't include any useful information at all, such as what the questions were, or the answers. Not to mention it's full of grammatical errors. Oh well! Biden was great.

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