Excuse me but, no.

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The glass ceiling is still intact. Badly cracked by Clinton, yes, but holding firm nonetheless. It can only be shattered by a woman who gets the ceiling-shattering job because she's widely recognized as not only qualified, but the best person for the job. It can't be shattered by a man on behalf of a woman who is laughably under-qualified for the sake of politics or political correctness. That's patronizing and insulting and it does absolutely nothing for those of us who are truly qualified. Indeed, it sets us back. It's affirmative action for a woman--it says see, I wanted a woman but there just wasn't one who was qualified so here's the best I could do. Palin should have refused to run.


Hey Mary,

WOW...2 posts in two days!!! We loved both of them, but especially the glass ceiling. We agree wholeheartedly with your politics. And we were saddened to see the GOP attempt to 'use' a woman in this way. We were
incensed at the choice and obvious sham. We both believe Palin may turn out to be a strong woman who will be forthright and confuse the GOP messages. We don't like her politics very much, but we hope she will be herself instead of a pawn. Time will tell!

Hi guys! Good to hear from you. The more I think about it, the more I believe the choice of Palin wasn't really expected to draw Hillary votes as much as to fire up the religious right. They're apparently wild about her, and they're Rove's get-out-the-vote machine.

So, how's your weather? It's hot and muggy here; brutal. I wish I were back in Roslyn.

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