It isn't as though I've had nothing to say


I haven't posted for a month, and yet, I've had so much to say. I intended to write about the canvassing I did for Barack Obama, started a post and never finished it. Last night I hosted an "Obama for America" Convention Watch party. Eleven people showed up, which wasn't bad considering how many parties were being held in Alexandria, including one a few miles from my house that was sure to be a blast and which I would have attended myself had I not already volunteered to host my own, crap crap crap. I spent about $200 on food and drink. It was good, though. A small enough group that we all had comfortable chairs to sit in while watching the speech. I ordered a cake decorated with balloons with "Yes We Can" written on it. I bought a cheese platter, a veggie platter, a fruit platter, Cajun spiced shrimp, chips (white and blue corn), salsa, guacamole, olives, wine, beer, soda, and I made a pot of good Kenya coffee, which nobody drank any of, which didn't bother me in the least because the pot of coffee was by far the least expensive stuff I poured down the sink at around midnight.

We have a chance to redeem ourselves in the eyes of the world, with this election. We have a chance to say "There really is such a thing as the American dream." And yet, I want to say "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" (which I would have written first had Dante not beaten me to it) because I felt this way in 2004, too.

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