This is what happens when you give up

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No, this wasn't what I had in mind. It's not bad, though. I was trying to upgrade from Movable Type 3.31 to 4.12, and it's so different that trying to merge the new features into my old templates was too frustrating. My old design consisted of one long main index and one long stylesheet: it was the equivalent of Fortran before the invention of the subroutine. The new Moveable Type is all modules and widgets. I tried for a couple of days to fit widgets into my index before giving up and clicking on "restore factory settings". What you're seeing now is "factory settings". Well not exactly--see my picture over on the right? That's a widget I created myself. It's not that I'm incapable of these things; I'm just lazy.

P.S. Comments are back on! The new Movable Type has this "Captcha" feature that's supposed to foil the spambots. We'll see.


I think it looks nice :) Might actually be easier to read than the old setup...

Hey a comment! Thanks :-D Yeah I was kind of tired of the old look anyway.

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