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The scenery here at the foot of the Washington Cascades is breath-taking. Today we took a bus tour that started in the small town of Roslyn, where the exterior scenes were shot for the TV show Northern Exposure, and went up into the wooded foothills and along the Cle Elum River. We stood on the cliffs where some of the most beautiful scenes were shot. Bill White, who played Dave the Cook on the show, brought a boom box, and we danced on Ruth Ann's grave to the music she and Ed danced to on the same spot.

Diane Delano, who played Officer Barbara Semanski, has been here for two days, and she is hysterical. If you watched the show, you may remember tiny Mrs. Noanuk, who "adopted" Joel into her tribe. The actress who played her, Rosetta Pintado, was at the dinner tonight, and she looks exactly the same and told a couple of funny stories. Last night we called cast members for telephone interviews, which were conducted largely by Diane Delano, who got better answers out of everyone than our organizer would have, I'm sure, especially when she asked people what they were wearing (nota bene: Cynthia Geary was wearing a bathing suit.) Seriously, she is hysterical.

More later, and pictures once I get back home and can upload from the camera--I always forget to pack the cord.

P.S. I met someone who reads this blog; what a strange feeling. Hi Lee!


Hi back at you Mary! It was nice to meet you and wonderful to be with you at Moosefest. I love your writing, that's why I read it!! :->

Hi again Lee--tell Chris I said hi! I just got home--ugh it's hot and humid here in Virginia at 11pm; I wish I'd stayed longer.

So sorry about the yukky weather. It is downright beautiful and perfect here in Yakima. But, tomorrow we head to Palm Springs for a day...HOT!!!

We miss you...LOTS!

Hey Mary! Let's be naughty this week and not submit our SETS information. We'll tell them that Chris Stevens told us that "sometimes you just have to do something bad to know that you're alive."

Great idea Eddie! I love it.

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