That old saw


I mailed an absentee ballot yesterday. I requested it because I thought I might be out of town on Tuesday. I can't remember when I've had so much trouble deciding whom to vote for. My first choice was Bill Richardson, but knowing he was a long shot, I was supporting Clinton. I liked Edwards but didn't feel as drawn to him this time around. I was moved by Obama's speeches--almost to tears--but I wanted someone with more experience.

There's an old saw about a man who can't decide between two women, so his friend writes their names on slips of paper, folds them, and puts them in a hat. The man pulls a slip of paper out of the hat, but before he has a chance to open it his friend stops him. The friend says: right now, you're hoping it will be one name instead of the other. That's the one you should marry. And I thought, if I were to put Clinton and Obama in a hat, which name would I hope to pull out? And I voted for Obama.

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