Me, over there on the right


No, not politically *guffaw* -- that's a picture of me over there on the right.

I've been wanting to put a picture of myself here on the blog for a long time, but I didn't have any head shots other than my passport, driver's license, and a handful of badges. I tried scanning one of the badges but the picture was tiny and when I tried stretching it, blech. Then yesterday I had to get my picture taken yet again for another new badge; the company I work for changed the style of the badges (again) and we're all required to get new ones (again). I also learned that I could have my badge photo posted on the internal company website if I wanted to, and from there I was able to download it.

So if anyone's been wondering what I look like, now you know. It's not a bad picture; you can actually tell that I have lips, meager as they are. Mike says I should "smile wider", but I can't make my small mouth any bigger than it is, and when I try to "smile wider" I just end up looking deranged.

This being a badge picture, it's more of a "corporate" look than is usual for me. The earrings in particular, and I usually hang out in sweatshirts and jeans. Anyway, there I am.

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