Too hot.


Too hot to eat. Too hot to go out and find anything to eat, anyway. Too hot to hunt; too hot to gather. Currently 98 degrees at 6:30pm, according to my weatherbug. Too hot to play with the dog.

When I got out of work today my car said the outside temperature was 104. (Yes, my new car shows me the outside temperature. It talks to me. It shows me where I am and what direction I'm going in, constantly. It gets a little annoying, to tell the truth. The salesman said "Just touch this icon on the screen and the car will take you home. Ms. Hall, you'll never be lost again." I almost teared up.)

Ahem, where was I? Too damn hot. I left my cell phone in my car while I was at work today, because I can't take it into the building I work in. When I came out it was hot to the touch and dead, dead, dead. Fortunately I had only fried the battery, not the phone. A new battery cost me about $42. My cell phone makes a bluetooth connection with my car and I can push a button on the steering wheel and tell the car to "Phone home" and it will. Heh.

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