New Computer


Mike built himself a new computer, from scratch. It's cool looking. The side panel is transparent and there are large grills on the front and top behind which are fans--it has a total of 8 fans--so you can see into it. It's like one of those models of a human body with transparent skin through which you can see all the bones and veins and organs. It has blue lights inside and it glows. I tried to take some pictures but didn't have much success. With the flash on you can't detect the blue glow; with the flash off the shutter speed is too slow for a clear picture. This was the best I could do:

I hate to think how much power the thing draws. (UPDATE: Mike says it has a 620 watt power supply.)

The good news for me is that I inherited Mike's old computer, which I bought for him when he went down to UVA four years ago.

Which reminds me--

With Distinction! Way to go Mike and Joe!! (Joe is on the right; high school friend and roommate for the past four years and probably for the next three; graduated with High Distinction (doesn't play computer games.))

So, where was I? Oh yes, I inherited Mike's old computer, which is way faster than my old computer and has more memory, and comes to me with World of Warcraft installed, hehehehehehe....

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