What a difference three weeks in April make

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On April 7 I posted this. Today the same view, from a different angle, looks like this (click on the thumbnail pic; a larger version will open in a new window):

At some time during the 56-year history of this house, somebody with an azalea fetish landscaped the entire place. I once tried to estimate the number of azaleas planted on the lot; a rough estimate might have been 130 at that time. I've since cut about 30 down to the ground to open up a bit more space. Azaleas are hardy here in Virginia; they come back from the roots. Some of the azaleas I cut to the ground are blooming as I type this.

But for about two weeks in the spring I glory in them. They are spectacular. These huge red and deep pink ones are growing along the west side of the front yard: Even in the criminally neglected back yard, this red azalea is a gift of beauty:

Along the small parking area at the top of the driveway, these azaleas are blooming in full sun exposure:

I'm showing a lot of reds, but most of the azaleas are various shades of pink, like this one along the back fence: and quite a few are white, like this one, also growing along the back fence:

Enough azaleas. Here's a pic of the small container herb garden I planted on porch: It cracks me up to plant such a tiny herb garden, because I can't help but think of the herb gardens I grew when we lived in Davis, California. There, I had rosemary bushes that grew so large, every year when I pruned them I estimated I was throwing away a thousand dollars worth of herbs, considering what they charge for a couple of sprigs at Safeway. I had an entire garden devoted to varieties of thyme, another to drought resistant herbs, maybe a couple dozen varieties, and yet another: a large medieval herb garden that I planted after doing a bit of research. This tiny herb garden on my porch exists for one reason: so that when I sit out there, I can pinch off a sprig of rosemary or thyme or mint and hold it under my nose while I read. I miss my California herb gardens, but here I am in Virginia now, and oh my, the azaleas!


I hope it's still pretty when I get back, hehe.

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