Filthy Dog

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Saint just came in from outside, covered with dirt. He looks as though someone dumped a truckload of dirt on his back. I tried brushing but it didn't help. I tried wiping him off with a handful of paper towels but that didn't help either. The dirt is dry, and I suspect he rolled in it. It's windy outside and I suppose there's enough static electricity built up in his fur to make the dirt cling to it like a magnet.

I do not feel like bathing the dog. I've just taken a shower myself, washed and dried my hair, put on a clean pair of jeans and a clean sweatshirt, and built a fire in the fireplace. I do not feel like bathing the dog.


You should probably just let him rock out dirt and all. As long as it's not muddy I don't see the problem :)

I just turned a blind eye. A few hours later he looked clean again and I vacuumed the place thoroughly. That poor green sofa.

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