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Warning: this post will be a spoiler if you want to see the fifth Harry Potter movie without knowing what happens in the book.

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that the movie will be better than the book. Unless you're a true Harry Potter fan, that is, and don't mind reading 870 pages of material most of which doesn't advance the plot. Much of this will be cut out of the movie, of course, and I'm sure they'll focus on the main elements of the story: the existence of the Order of the Phoenix, and Harry's mental connection to Voldemort, which Voldemort is able to exploit because of Harry's nobility and his love of Sirius. Harry's teaching the other students defense against the dark arts will probably be a cute element in the movie--lots of opportunity for humor there, and I know Cho will be in the movie--can't leave out the first kiss--although I bet they'll rewrite all that material. The climactic scene in the Ministry of Magic will probably be outstanding in the movie--duh--they'll go all out with the special effects.

Far from having a redeeming moment, Snape further discredits himself in this book. His hatred of Harry, based on an old grudge, is so intense that he doesn't teach Harry how to block Voldemort's attempts to invade his mind, even after being asked to do so by Dumbledore. Indeed it's suggested that Snape is actually making it easier for Voldemort, not because of any allegiance to Voldemort, but because of his hatred for Harry. I'm interested in seeing what they'll do with that in the movie, if anything; I bet they leave it out entirely.

I know it's ridiculous to second-guess the author, but why she killed off Sirius is beyond me. And to do so in a way that guaranteed Harry would blame himself--it's as though she's deliberately depriving Harry of any comfort, either the comfort of someone who cares for him, or the small comfort he might get from knowing he did everything he could to save that person, as opposed to leading him to his death.

I almost regret having read this book before seeing the movie. Ah well. I might as well read book six too; no point in stopping now.

During the past week my readership has increased to more than 300 per day--I guess folks like the Harry Potter blogging. Still, my lack of success in drawing out my readers is disheartening, and I haven't changed my mind about moving the blog. I will, however, keep blogging here until I finish the last Harry Potter book, which I just started last night. It's "only" 652 pages, so it shouldn't take long; I just don't get as much time to read as I'd like.

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