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My brain has been turned to mush tonight by all the political ads on TV. I'm seeing both the Virginia senate ads and the Maryland senate ads--both hotly contested races and of course Virginia's being one of the few that will determine control of the senate. I've seen ads attacking all four candidates--it's slime overload.

Did you know that Webb blamed the women for the tailhook scandal? That he feels no shame for writing about sex in his novels? Or that Allen wants to privatize social security and take away a woman's right to choose? Steele still supports the Iraq war, and the dog he's holding in his ads isn't his. I can't remember what the ad against Cardin said; all I remember is a grainy photograph of a shady-looking politician--or it could have been a shady-looking serial killer.

I've learned that something like 27 years ago Webb was a chauvinist pig. Well that was back when he was a Republican; he's seen the error of his ways so I forgive him. His fiction is highly respected; soldiers pay for blowjobs, get over it.

I've learned where Allen stands on several issues, the only relevant information presented all evening. Of course I already knew all of it and had I not, would have guessed correctly on every point based on the knowledge that Allen is a conservative Republican.

Apparently Steele is pretending to own a dog but doesn't? What the hell? Does this matter? And Cardin was once photographed in Very Bad Light.

I'm hoping for a dem blowout on Tuesday, but win or lose it'll be a relief to get back to Oxyclean.


Worst comes to worst just pour an extra-large drink and watch the news as people make horrible decisions.

Well I'll be in the UK on election day so I won't be able to watch the results come in Tuesday night, but the extra-large drink sounds like a good idea anyway.

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