Music to my ears


The Republican-controlled congress has a 16% approval rating. And richly deserves every percentage point. Sadly, I'm going to be in the UK on election day. I've already got my absentee ballot and will mail it on Monday, but I'm heartbroken that I won't be sitting up late on the night of November 7th watching the Republican pins fall. I'll probably get up at about 5am on the 8th and turn on the TV in my hotel room. It'll be midnight in DC ... or maybe 11pm. Uh, we'll be off daylight savings time, so, let's see, spring ahead, fall back. Yeah, it'll be 11pm on the east coast. There might be some news by that time, but I expect some of the senate races, at least, to be too close to call that night. Maybe news will filter in to us during the day, or we'll hear something at the pub at lunchtime.

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