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So, it wasn't my imagination. Since writing my last entry I've learned that London is now the 2nd most expensive city in which to live; only Tokyo beats it. I don't know when this happened or how, but I believe it.

When I first spent time in London in 1972, there were none of the kind of "fast food" restaurants that are ubiquitous today. Now, in addition to McDonald's being everywhere, there are Pret a Mangers and a slew of others. If you wanted a cheap, fast meal in 1972, you went to a fish and chips shop. I seem to recall paying about £1, depending on the type of fish you chose: sole was more expensive than haddock, which was more expensive than cod, or something like that.

I didn't notice any fish and chips shops in London this time around. Maybe they're a thing of the past. Most restaurants have fish and chips on the menu, but it isn't cheap.

Changing topics: I'm going to change my web host. I'm paying $25/month for this site, and I don't need to pay more than $5. I expect this to be a painful, aggravating process--nothing is ever easy. If this site is down for a while, don't think it's gone for good--it'll just be a temporary hiatus.

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