Heart of Darkness

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Title cribbed from Buzzflash, which links it to this article by Lawrence Kaplan in TNR. It starts:

Even by the degraded standards of everyday life in Baghdad, this report from CNN's Nic Robertson comes as a shock:

One international official told me of reports among his staff that a 15-year-old girl had been beheaded and a dog's head sewn on her body in its place; and of a young child who had had his hands drilled and bolted together before being killed.

I don't agree with the author's conclusion, that this is the result of a "coarsened and brittle culture" in Iraq and no number of American soldiers, no perfect post-war plan, could have prevented it.

It's as though a portal to hell has opened in Iraq. Maybe it was somewhere else before--someplace ignored by our MSM--and it moved to Iraq, going where the pointless violence welcomed it. Or maybe it's a new portal and now there are two, or three, or a hundred or more. It's as though pure evil is taking over the collective consciousness of a segment of the population. It's a sickness of the mind. What religion would be served by this? What god?

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