The Rain Cometh

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Wet carpet in the basement--never a good sign. This is now, officially, the wettest June on record here. We've had torrential rain, flooding, a mudslide, and major commute routes have been closed, including the beltway. Personally, my new back porch is flooded, with water as deep as half an inch in places. *sob* But even worse is the wet carpet in the basement. It's only wet in the lowest spot right now, but it'll spread...oh, it'll spread. Who knows how much will be soaked by the time this rain stops? And the air--we're living in a sauna, I'm not kidding. Walking out of an air conditioned building causes one's glasses to fog over.

My mother is coming tomorrow for a visit. Nice timing, huh? *sigh* The possibly fortunate aspect of this is that perhaps she can walk the dog while she's here, which would mean we wouldn't have to let him out into the back yard while we're at work. Normally letting him run in and out at will through his doggy door is no big deal, but at the moment the back yard resembles a lake.

Oh yeah--I think I forgot to mention--Mike started work today; he's a camp counselor, in charge of 14 first-graders, hehehe. *evil grin*

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