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I'm sitting in our rented minivan (long story) outside the Gym for Everybody in Guerneville, which is on the Russian River. So, where was I? Unfortunately the Gym for Everybody no longer looks the way it does in the pictures on the website. There was major flooding along the Russian River in 2005 and the carpet was ruined, along with other damage. But the place is still friendly and Mike likes it. So if you happen to find yourself in Guerneville and you think to yourself, hunh, sure would be nice if there were someplace here where I could lift weights, check it out.

So, yesterday we did laundry, right now Mike is working out, I'm getting online--doesn't sound much like a vacation, does it? When I get back home and can upload some pictures from my camera I'll write about the fun stuff we've done and post pics. We've done a lot of wine tasting; this is my attempt to get Mike off Red Bull and vodka. Mike has tasted at seven wineries over four days, and we've noticed a strange thing that has proven to be true 100% of the time: all the women who have poured for Mike (4 of them) have carded him; none of the men who have poured for him (3 of them) have.

I'm working on a theory to explain this. In the book I'm reading now the mother of the main character tells her daughter, when she's looking to lose her virginity, that once she does she'll look at every man she meets as a potential sexual partner. I wonder if all these women look at Mike that way, and think Too Young, and Too Young means Too Young For Everything, in general, and they card him. The men, on the other hand, don't want to card a fellow dude in front of his mom, because that would be way uncool.

More to come.

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