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A week ago Friday I took the day off and pulled various kinds of ivy and vines for about four hours, with Mike's help. I took some pictures before we started. Here's my pic of the English ivy that threatens to take over.

And here, one of the two large oak trees in my front yard. Soon, I'll post a new picture of this tree, and this will be come the "before" picture:

Virginia Creeper:

One of the varieties of wild grape:

Honeysuckle spilling over the fence from next door:

This has now been positively identified as poison ivy by the guy who does tree work for me. It's growing in the english ivy, so it's a bit hard to see in this picture:

It's all over the place. Here's a shot of it climbing a tree. Here too, there are other kinds of vines on the tree, which makes the p.i. a bit hard to see:

Mike and I wore leather gardening gloves and t-shirts, and we both got some of this stuff on our forearms and developed an itchy rash.

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