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According to the calendar on the right I've written nothing in April. It's not true. I've written 4 posts, but they're all saved in "draft" mode. I just can't bring myself to publish anything.

I've been trying to figure out why. I think it's because my griefs and joys seem petty in light of the disasters happening elsewhere and the daily outrages perpetrated by the Bush administration. If I were to write about the things that enrage me I'd write about politics, the war, the assault on the environment, the tax breaks for the rich and the consequent deficit, Rumsfeld, the global disgrace that is the health care system in this country, the global disgrace that is the gap between the rich and poor, the salary gap between CEOs and working stiffs.

But others write about those issues so much better than I do, that I feel as though they have it covered, and I just want my readers to go read the blogs listed on the right. If I publish the stuff I've written about my own life, it'll be like saying I think people should spend time reading it, and I don't. What time people have to read blogs should be spent reading more consequential stuff than this.

That said, here's what's going on: I've been sick. I was quite sick for two weeks, and have been recovering slowly for a week. I'm really suffering from allergies this spring.

I'm having a screened back porch built. It's something I've wanted ever since we bought this house in 1991. A colleague convinced me to take out a home equity loan and have it done now, so I can enjoy it, rather than wait until Mike finishes school, which was my plan. This colleague's wife died of breast cancer recently, which was probably why he argued so strongly against the postponement of enjoyment.

I got a raise along with my recent promotion. The raise kicked in this pay period, and my bi-weekly check was $116 more. Today I hired a woman to clean house for me, bi-weekly, for $110 each time. There goes the raise, but it's going to be worth it, I think.

See? It's all's all just me, me, me. Don't waste your time here--go read Daily Kos!

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