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What a hellish way to spend a Saturday. Or any day, for that matter: I'm doing my taxes. I started last night but gave up when I hit a snag. Damn the stock options I occasionally get from the company I work for. The hassle of figuring out the taxes almost makes it not worth it to exercise an option. (God, what a sentence. My brain is fried.) I started again early this morning and I've spent the entire day working on the 1040 and haven't finished yet. I'm sitting at the computer now because I'm printing out a form 6251. Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh.

I'm almost done with the 1040, thank god. Tomorrow I guess I'll do the state taxes, which are much easier. Then I'll do Mike's, which should be dead easy, since he didn't make any money last year, lol.

Everybody in my family asks me why I don't pay to have my taxes done. I did pay one year, but the accountant charged me $450. My brother goes to H&R Block and they charge him like $20. I don't know why it costs me so much. The accountant charged me $125 just to do Mike's taxes that year, and his taxes take all of about 15 minutes. I refuse to pay that kind of money to have my taxes done when I'm perfectly capable of doing them myself. But god I hate, hate, hate it.

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