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Apparently cingular wireless also works from the Denver airport--better and better. In fact I have a better connection here than I had at Nat'l--every circle of the connection meter is filled.

My flight out of Denver has been delayed, turning this into a 3 hour and 40 minute layover. What an itinerary. By the time I get to my hotel in Albuquerque my internal clock will think it's 2am. I will have spent close to 9 hours sitting in airports, at a cost to the guvmint of something like a thousand bucks. Oh yes! Didn't I mention that? These are all "billable hours", and I take home a fraction of what the guvmint pays for my services.

My battery icon shows 56% remaining, which it says is good for 2 hours and 43 minutes. So...I should think of something to say, huh? Too tired--guess I'll just go read some blogs.

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