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Last night we had our first major snowfall of winter. My neighborhood was a winter wonderland this morning, with every branch of every tree weighed down with several inches of snow, large masses of snow bending the branches of pine trees and balancing precariously on power lines. It was incredibly quiet. More quiet than I would have wished actually, because the power was out. A large branch had come down on the line one street over.

It's a bummer that we got our first deep, beautiful snow the night before I have to leave for a business trip. Fortunately Mike came home this weekend to pick up Saint, and he shoveled the driveway this morning. Unfortunately, I got to the airport and discovered my flight had been cancelled. I was supposed to catch a 1:40pm flight to Chicago, then fly from there to Albuquerque. Instead I'm booked on a 5pm flight to Denver. So I'm sitting in Reagan National Airport--at a small table near gates 29 and 31, through one of which I'll be boarding a plane a couple of hours from now.

I brought this new laptop with me. It's got built-in connection capability of every available kind, so because I have several hours to kill here, I signed up for Cingular wireless service. Supposedly I can get online wherever a cingular cell phone can pick up a signal. Obviously it works here at Reagan Nat'l--hurray. It's expensive though. The laptop came with a 30-day free trial, so I have some time to decide whether it's worth it. I may decide it's not, but still, pretty neat technology.

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