I apologize to my readers...

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...for not posting since New Year's Day. I'm trying to decide whether to switch to a different webhost. I'm paying more than I need to for this site, and I can't upgrade movabletype because I don't have access to MYSQL. I could get it through my current host, but it'd cost me even more. I want to upgrade movabletype so I can get comment filtering. I've had to close comments on every post. I'll leave comments open on this one for a while.


still outraged by Bush. Some special elections here in Virginia have been going well for dems--could it be a sign of good things to come?

I've been very busy at work--lots of travel this time of year. I recently got promoted to Chief Scientist of my division (shhhh--it's not official yet), which is cool but it means more work.

I ordered a new laptop for use when I travel. The company had given me an old, heavy, clunker; I wanted something small and light. I ordered a Sony VAIO, which has been shipped but hasn't arrived yet.

I opened up a "home equity line of credit". Any day now I'm going to get around to calling someone about a back porch. any...day...now...

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