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Yesterday I had a couple of electricians do some work in my TV/computer room: installing new recessed lighting, mounting some speakers on the walls. It was an all-day job for two guys--they worked from 8am until almost 6pm. I stayed home from work so I could monitor progress and answer any questions they might have. It was a good thing I did--in the afternoon I had to make a trip to Radio Shack to buy a roll of speaker wire.

I worked pretty hard all day. I vacuumed (I vacuum constantly; I am the vacuum queen) finished putting my Christmas decorations up, cleaned out the aquarium filter, washed some bedding, etc. etc. I had a nice fire going in the fireplace all day.

Around mid-morning I noticed that the light fixture over the dining room table had gone out. I went downstairs and asked the guys if they'd turned off the power, and they had not. One of the guys said he'd take a look at the fixture. I'd installed it myself four or five years ago, and it seems I'd done a poor job of connecting up the wires; one of the connections had failed.

So the connection held for four or five years, then failed when there were two electricians in the house. What are the odds of that?

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