My Chinese Has Gotten A Lot Better !!

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I am nearing the end of my stay in China. Initially, I was worried that I wouldn't learn very much here because most of the material that I was doing was not new, however, I guess there is something to be said for immersion. Looking back on my first couple of weeks in China, I remember how little I actually knew how to say. I wouldn't go to really crowded restaurants, or ones where the menu didn't have pictures, because I'd get so nervous about not being able to talk that I'd sweat in an Air Conditioned room. Now most of that anxiety is gone, and I can atleast try to strike up conversations with taxi-drivers and waitresses. I don't always understand their responses to my questions, and sometimes I probably don't say what I wanted to, but atleast I'm not afraid to say it anymore.

Anyways, just some quick reflections on my summer, time to go meet with my language partner.

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