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Well that was nice, but too brief. Mike was home for about 38 hours, total. He slept, unpacked, played with the dog, played on the computer, slept, did some laundry, repacked, and left for Charlottesville a couple of hours ago.

Now the summer is officially over, for me: Mike's back at school. This summer has been a whirlwind of travel, with Mike in China and me going here and there, a couple of times with very short stops at home in between trips. Unpack, do laundry, sleep, pack, head back to the airport.

Mike seems to lead a charmed life sometimes. He got in his car and it started right up. I don't understand it. Six weeks ago I'd have sworn it had a dead battery. What do I know? I've only owned and driven cars for, um, 37 years. Not only did his Saturn start, the Rodeo started too, without transmission problems. He drove down in the Rodeo today so he could take a TV and a bedframe and various other large items. He'll come back in a week or two and trade the Rodeo for the Saturn.

So, he'll be back for a weekend one or two weeks from now. :)

UPDATE: he called a while ago; he's back in Charlottesville, getting settled into a new apartment with his roommate-of-the-past-two-years, Joe.

I forgot to mention that Mike came home with a collection of 80 DVDs from China, which didn't get confiscated, and a new Dell laptop, which he didn't declare. While gone his ISP bill went 3 months overdue, and when he called to pay by credit card over the phone this morning he didn't get charged a late fee. The customer service rep cheerfully asked if he'd like to start the service up again. Charmed life, I'm tellin ya.

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