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Hi folks, Saint here--

I had a bit of an outing this afternoon--I went with the old dame to the vet's office to get caught up on my immunizations; I'm all set for the year now. I weighed in at 83 pounds. Well, maybe just a little over. One of the immunizations was a rabies booster good for three years, and I got a piece of jewelry for it--a blue tag. I don't normally go in for that kind of thing, but I do think my fur sets it off nicely.

I like to think of myself as "a handful", but the vet told the old dame I behaved better than most of the young labs they see. The old dame thought she was just being polite; it seems she can't imagine a lab being more of a handful than I was today. Here's a pic of me rolling on the floor laughing:

The vet assured her it was true. It seems some young labs can't even be examined because they won't settle down. In fact there had been a golden retriever in the office earlier today who wouldn't hold still. Now I just can't understand that. I mean, the vet's got cookies. It's hard to believe a dog wouldn't settle down for cookies; maybe she really was just being polite. She also told the old dame I'm going through a "phase"--the "terrible twos" she called it, or "adolescence". Hunh.

At any rate, we went from the vet's office directly to Olde Towne School for Dogs, where the old dame picked up a few links to add to my training collar, which I outgrew long ago. She swore I was never going to the vet again without that collar, heh. I don't mind it--it reminds me of Taryn and Gabe, the trainers there at Olde Towne. I especially liked Gabe; he and I understood each other right off the bat. He said a field lab like me needs a job--I'm a working dog. Yup, that's me. I worked for Gabe; we walked together just as pretty as can be. The old dame says she and I are going to start the fancy walking up again, maybe tomorrow if the weather permits.

Well that's all for now, folks--it's time to catch the news on TV. Don't take treats from strangers, don't bite the hand that feeds you, and remember, the vet has cookies.


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