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I hope you're feeling better! I just got back from dropping Saint off at Joe's. Boy, was he happy to see Joe and Jackson. He and Jackson both went nuts. Saint was even happy to see Joe's mom.

Joe said your first month's rent is due by Aug 1. He said he won't be paying the whole bill himself this year like he did last year--you're each going to be paying on your own contract. So.... I'm going to get the info from him on where to send a check and how much to send, since you didn't tell me any of this and you probably don't have the info with you. :\

I was going to drive your car last week to give it some exercise but it wouldn't start. The lights come on but the engine won't turn over. I thought maybe I should jump it and get it serviced or something, but...nah. We can get it done when you come home.

I logged onto the Columbia site and paid the bill, so I certainly hope you are enjoying yourself and learning to speak Chinese, when you're not throwing up.

love, mom


yeah i knew i was going to be paying the bill myself, but no one ever told me that my first month of rent was due the day of move in. probably some info they just happened to call joe with a week ago or so.

they hadnt yet given us payment instructions when i left, but if joe's got the info then that works out fine.

if there's any way you could possibly get the car worked on that would be best... since I have to leave so soon after I get home that if the problem is major I wont be there to take care of it anyways. i'm gonna be taking the rodeo to start with, but it'd still be nice to have my car running when I got back.

anyways ya, classes are going fine... when something interesting happens i'll let ya know >_<


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