How do you say "Food Poisoning" in Chinese?

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For about four days now I have had a seriously awful case of stomach flu. I believe I got it at a "hot pot" restaurant, but everything I eat seems to cause the feeling to come back. It took most of my strength to walk down the stairs to the internet lab to post this. Unfortunately, my horrible fits of vomiting have caused me to miss the trip to the Great Wall, which included 2 2 hour bus trips and a long walk along the Wall. Supposedly everyone gets really sick once or twice in China, but this is the worst since it has lasted so long. During class on Friday I had to rush out of the room three times to use the bathroom >_< and I left the Friday night trip to the Beijing Opera early with a miserable stomach ache after not being able to hold down lunch.

Anyways, hopefully I will be able to make up some of the sightseeing I've missed because of illness in our week off. I know mom is intent on seeing pictures of me in all kinds of random Chinese places. So far the only place I've taken pictures is a gorgeous palace called "Summer Palace" where the emperor used to come to spend his summers. I suppose a lot has changed since then, the polution is now so bad on some days that walking around the Summer Palace made me think I had chronic asthma.

Anyways, "chi huai" is how you say "to get food poisoning" in Chinese, I think it literally means "eat bad/spoiled".

Back to the room for a nap...


Oh nooooo! Too bad :( I'm so sorry you missed the trip to the Great Wall. I hope you'll get to see it during the break. I hope the food poisoning is getting better?? It usually doesn't last that long. Please keep me posted.

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