China's Air Quality

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... is really really bad. I've had two friends now have severe asthma (spelling) attacks due to running outside. A few weeks ago when I went to visit the Summer Palace on a really humid day I started to feel like I had asthma too. Apparently it's gotten better in recent years (hard to believe) but people have told me that while the polution in bigger cities is getting better is because they're moving factories to the countryside. Makes me wonder what the Olympics is gonna do to worsen/better the environment...


Do people wear surgical masks?

I guess your week of travel is coming up, huh? Where are you planning to go?

I picked up Saint from Joe's place today. It went well there, but Joe's going to the beach in August and probably won't be able to take Saint while I'm in Arizona. Bummer. :(

love, mom

P.S. I renewed our family membership at the National Aquarium again. :) I just can't bring myself to let it go. Maybe this fall we can go there some day. They have a new cafe now, and a new gift shop.

I'm sticking around Beijing, seeing all the stuff I was too sick to see with the rest of the group. My roomate and I are going to the Confucius (spelling) temple today, should be fun ^^

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