Cheap Movies Abound!

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One thing I really love about China is how fully they have embraced to concept of the "bootlegged DVD". For about 1 dollar American I can get any DVD I want, solong as I don't mind watching it in Cantonese with Russian subtitles. Brand new movies that are still in US Theatres come neatly packaged, with poorly spelled commentaries and irrelevent quotations. The box I received "The Last Samurai" in claimed that the movie was starring Billy Crystal, and according to the review, was poorly cast. Way to make the hard sale, China! I am of course slightly exaggerating, I have bought quite a few very functional DVDs, but the really poorly bootlegged ones are by far the funniest. I knew I was in trouble when a Cartoon DVD claimed to have 15 different language subtitle options on the box. When I popped in the DVD the Mandarin sound track was fine, but the English subtitles were from an old John Wayne movie... good thing I can understand some of the Chinese ^^

Anyways... if I get a new room I'm thinking about trying to buy a cheap laptop computer. All of the rooms have internet service (well, not my current one... but it doesn't have a chair either) and I have sorta always wanted a laptop to carry around with me at college. Might aswell get it here since I WAY overbudgeted for this trip. I've been here for 3 and a half weeks and have barely spent 300 American, while I budgeted 2k O_O SO, share your thoughts on me buying a laptop computer to mess around with in China and bring back for college.

Later from China :)


LOL!! Thank you for starting my day with a good laugh.

Sure, buy a laptop. Sounds like a great idea. Keep me posted on the housing situation.

You have the portable DVD player with you, right? Are you able to recharge the battery?

love, mom

Ya, the ipod and the DVD player both plug right into the wall. I realized most traveling chargers have a wide range of acceptable voltages, so while they get a little hot during use, they work fine.

This weekend was a lot of fun, I got a gym membership, bought a really cheap/lousy basketball, and actually played a pickup game with nothing but Chinese people.

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