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Michael-- this is a response to your post.

Wow, bummer about the roommate. I know you were supposed to have a single. And a Mormon. Means he doesn't drink, right? And all the rest of it. Ugh. Maybe you'd have been better off staying with a family. Just don't strangle him in his sleep; it would probably ruin the whole summer.

About the class, hm. On the one hand, you don't want to do so well on a placement test that you end up in a class you're not prepared for. On the other hand, the bit about the traditional characters is a major bummer, and having to sit through all the basics again, ugh. Well, good luck, that's all I can say.

But the whole point is to learn Chinese, right? So if the experience turns out to be good for that, none of the rest of it matters. It's typical for a student to be focused on classes and grades, but this summer is much more than that.

Remember, this isn't just a class--it's an adventure. I wouldn't have paid this much money just so you could get 8 or 10 more credit hours. You're going to have way more hours than you need to graduate. Think of the class as the price you're paying for the chance to spend 9 weeks in China. Whatever happens with the class, don't let it ruin the whole trip.

Today I flew to San Francisco, picked up a rental car, and drove to Livermore. I'm sitting in a Hilton Hotel room typing on my company laptop. During the trip there were several times when I felt relieved. I was relieved to get into Chicago in time to catch my connecting flight, I was relieved to land in San Francisco, and I was relieved when I sat down in the rental car. (I got a "complimentary upgrade"--a Ford Escape, lol. It's not yellow though, it's black.) And finally, I was relieved when I got to this room. I know that I'll feel relieved when the meetings are over, and I'll repeat all the stages of relief on the trip home. I brought my new suit, btw; I'm going to wear it tomorrow.

When I stepped out of the airport terminal in San Francisco and felt the cold San Francisco summer air, it felt so wonderful. I remembered how much I love The City and the coast north of here, and I told myself again that I'm going to move back out here when I retire.

Here's what I want you to write about: what were the times when you felt relieved on your trip? What did you feel when you stepped out of the airport terminal in Beijing? What did it look like? What did it sound like? What did it smell like? What's it like there? How different is it? Is there a McDonalds right off campus, or a noodle shop? How many people speak English? Do you wish you'd packed different clothes? I already know you regret not packing hair gel. :)

Really, really too bad about the Mormon roommate. Do not kill the roommate.

Enjoy it. Do not fret about the class. Look around you. Drink it all in. Talk to Chinese people as much as you can; find out what their lives are like.

About this yudan--cute?

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