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Well, it's been about six days now and still no word from the World Traveler. In the interest of keeping readers entertained while we await a post, I offer this as my prediction of what the first missive from Beijing will say:

Hey mom, sorry I haven't posted anything sooner--I wanted to wait until I had good news. I won't keep you in suspense any longer, here's the good news: the Chinese government has agreed to drop all the charges. I won't bore you with the details, I'll just say that it seems I know just enough Mandarin to get into BIG trouble--HA HA!! More good news: they're letting me stay. Columbia University was thrilled with the whole incident--NOT! They had to pull some major diplomatic strings to get me out of jail. Sooooo...I'm not in the language program anymore. But it doesn't matter, 'cause I met this really really cute girl and she's teaching me Mandarin. I love her mom, all the mystery of the Orient is in her eyes. Having to communicate without speaking much of each other's language has just deepened the bond between us.

The first night I spent with her--um, did I say that? Whoops! ;) my backpack was stolen, and you know I had all my money it in, but it's okay because she helped me get a job at a fish market. It doesn't pay much, but I get to live in a room over the market, (NO UTILITY BILLS!!) and I get to take home any fish that hasn't sold after three days. Hey, this program was supposed to be all about immersion, and boy, am I immersed!

My passport and all my ID and my plane ticket home were also in my backpack, so I don't think I'm going to be able to come home. Pet Saint for me and tell Joe he'll have to find another roommate for next year. Be happy for me, mom, you said this trip would be the experience of a lifetime and YOU WERE RIGHT!!

love, mike

P.S. Columbia is going to bill you for some lab equipment and some medical expenses. I wouldn't pay it if I were you. It was a really small fire--they're just bent out of shape and throwing a hissy fit. Dare them to sue you.


Uhh, I tried posting something like 3 days ago, not sure why it didn't come up, lemme give it another shot.

oh nevermind, i had it on draft, not publish

whoops... you shouldve been able to see it though in the MT directory

It's there now. :) It's still dated the 17th so readers will have to scroll down. Yeah I'd've seen it in the MT directory if I'd looked, but I didn't. Glad you made it! No glitches?

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