In China O_O

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20 some odd hours later and I'm finally in Beijing. We're in temporary housing right now, which is sort of like a hotel, but with a lousier mattress. Word is that we're going to be moving out on the 20th into our permanent housing. The 20th is also when we're going to be starting our classes. Since I've only taken a year of Chinese language pretty much everyone here speaks better Chinese than I do. We took a placement test which was pretty much the hardest thing I've ever seen, and the interview afterwards wasn't any easier.

Anyways, I'll write more later, the food is amazing, and so cheap. Yesterday I paid 8 yuan for lunch, which included 3 courses. 8 yuan is just a little bit less than a dollar!! SO, food is gonna be cheap :) Today I'm planning on buying a cell-phone and some hair-gel... if I only knew the word for gel.


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