Hey Mike, coupla things...

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Haven't heard from you yet, but I figure you'll see this eventually, so...

You never gave me back my SmartCard for the metro. Is it here in the house somewhere, or are you still carrying it around in your wallet?

I took your good blazer to the cleaners. I noticed the pockets were still stitched shut--lol. Jackets come with the pockets loosely stitched shut; you have to take the stitches out, carefully. I'll do it.

Mr. T is going to put in the sod in September--it's too late in the season now; it's too hot. A couple of the guys who were working for him quit and left him in a bind. He's going to do some of the other stuff in the meantime, like taking out the barbeque and the azaleas around the patio, etc.

Well I sure hope you're having a good time; can't wait to hear from you.

love, mom :)

P.S. I created a new category for your posts: Trip to China. If you've forgotten how to log on and post, you can always leave comments.

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