"If we get a couple more warlocks we can do this on our own"

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Mike is cracking me up tonight. I can't remember when I've laughed so hard. He's been home for a couple of weeks and has a couple of weeks left to go before he flies to Beijing for the rest of the summer.

He's sitting next to me playing World of Warcraft on his computer (we have two computers set up side-by-side; we share a DSL connection). Let me set the scene. It's Friday night. Mike is at home, sitting next to his mom, playing a computer game. He has a microphone hooked up to his computer and some software that lets him talk to the guys he's playing with, and he's wearing headphones so they can talk back to him.

So I'm hearing one side of a multi-person conversation about the dungeon raid they're on, and if you think this sounds pathetic, you should have been here five minutes ago listening to Mike describe the Friday night in Charlottesville when a very cute girl/friend (not "girlfriend") Christina brought 3 of her friends and a bottle of champagne to his apartment and wanted to take him out, and he made them wait twenty minutes because he was on a quest, and so they sat listening to his side of the one-sided conversation just as I am doing now.

If that isn't both sad and funny, what is?

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