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Well the Pet Resort was not bad, but it's good to be back home at last. I don't usually consider myself to be the sentimental type, but I must confess it was good to see the old dame again, too. I wasted no time in letting the neighborhood know I was back.

By far the best part about the Pet Resort was Day Camp. In fact I loved it so much they let me go for five days even though the old dame had only signed me up for two. On warm days they put the pool out and we got to splash around. Lots of dogs come to day camp, more than spend the night. There were tons of labs, shepherds, and a Great Pyrenees--woah, that dude was big.

I got a "report card" and it was duly noted that I liked day camp best, enjoyed the food, kept my suite clean, and was generally awesome. The dude who walked me down to the lobby let the old dame know I was "a handful" and that I love to run and "play rough". Heh. Wait till my buddy Jackson hears about that!

The old dame is starting to talk about letting me go to day camp everyday starting a few months from now. Her office is moving to a new building that's not too far from the resort. It would cost big bucks, though: $600/month. I think that's just a bit more than she sends the kid every month to cover all his living expenses, heh. Hey--am I not worth it? I saw her going over "the budget" on the computer. She says she can swing it but there would be "nothing left over" whatever that means. I'm trying to talk her into it. I tell her it wouldn't just be fun for me--there'd be an upside for her too. I wouldn't get bored and chew on the furniture or rugs anymore. She wouldn't have to worry about coming home to disasters. It'd be better for the grass outside--I'd be too tired to play much by the time I got home in the evening. I'd pretty much given up on the search for "china" in the back yard anyway.

It means the old dame would have to leave home earlier in the morning to drop me off. That's a downside for her. I could use some help here. If you think it's a good idea leave a comment and I'll make sure she reads it.


Ya definitely! I'll try to convince her too :)

Your help would be greatly appreciated; between the two of us we might just pull it off. What seems to bother her most is this idea of there being "nothing left over". I don't get it--I'd think it'd be a plus. I've heard her complain in the past about how she always ends up throwing "left overs" away anyway, and I know for a fact she doesn't like "left over" pizza. I don't understand why the thought of having nothing left over would be a problem.

Saint of the West has this to say:

Me, I hate being around lots of big strange dogs cuz I'm a little guy, but I understand that getting a chance to romp and play is a really, really good thing. What if you talked the old dame into letting you go to day camp every other day? She'd have something left over -- she'd get you a new toy or two with it, I'm quite sure -- and you'd get a chance to stretch those long legs of yours. Think about it.

Hey Saint of the West, you just might have something there. A couple of days a week would be something I think she could swing and still have "left overs". I'll find a way of making sure she sees your comment.

We aim to please. :)

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