Today is my Birthday

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Today is my birthday. I am one human year old. Behold my presents:

The absence of a new toy among this lot did not escape my notice, but the old dame says I have toys "all over the house" and I can't argue with that. I'm quite taken with the new collar. Masculine but stylish-- I think it suits me:

The matching leash is a bit much; bordering on a "metrosexual" look, but the old dame likes it.

Of course nothing beats a new filled bone--my very favorite treat.

I'd also like to extend my compliments to the chefs at Eukanuba; my new chow is considerably more to my liking than the puppy food I've been getting up until now.

Birthdays are good.


Wooo, happy birthday Saint! =D

Why don't you put on a BDay hat? ;)

Woot woot woot! Happy birthday to you, Saint! And heck, aren't filled bones better than toys, at least as long as they're still filled?

Saint of the West (who is 8).

Yes indeed they are!

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