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Thank you, Adam Felber. No one else has expressed how I personally feel about the Terri Schiavo case, nor has anyone else dared do it with humor.

Best comments to Adam's post:

Ken writes: Is there a big Persistant Vegitative Citizens voting block out there that I don't know about?

To which Lynne responds: They're called Republicans.

P.S. I have a living will. It specifically states that if I ever become a carrot stretched out on a bed, I do not want to be kept alive by respirator, feeding tube, hydration, or any other means. Yes, Mike, this means you get the house. The carpet is ruined where Saint knocked over the oil lamp; just saying.


I actually watched the emergency session of congress . It amazed me how blatantly the republicans lied about the case. They claimed that the woman felt emotion and smiled when her relatives came to see her. Too bad according to every doctor that's ever seen her she's completely and utterly braindead, and experiences no emotion nor ever will. I really can't stand this whole "respect for life" movement that's been going on in the Republican party. What a crock.

Yup, disgusting. And did you know that as governor of Texas Bush signed a law allowing hospitals to "pull the plug" on patients who couldn't pay, even if the family objected?

LoL, I just saw that clip on the Daily Show... oh the hypocrisy...

The case is making me nuts too. Aren't the Republicans the "no government interference" party, f'chrissake? Didn't know about the "pull the plug" piece -- like Mike says, hypocrisy thy name is Bush.

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