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I finally decided after several years of procrastination that I might as well go ahead and get the bathrooms redone. The downstairs shower has been unusable for several years due to massive water damage caused by a crack in the improperly-installed base. The half bath in Mike's room was built in, like, 1965; nuff said. So I know that if I were ever to sell this house I'd have to get the bathrooms redone first. It's not as though I can escape this task forever. So I'm thinking: why should I live with lousy bathrooms only to eventually fix them up for somebody else right before I move?

So I took the afternoon off and spent it looking at tiles and cabinets and pondering ways to finance this major expense. And... it was fun. I got into the spirit of it and decided to replace more than needed to be replaced downstairs, just because I got this vision in my head of a really beautiful bathroom with light taupe ceramic tile and dark wood and...

And then tonight, of all nights, I discovered Trailer Park Girl. Tonight would be the night that I would get my day thrown in my face by discovering this really great blog written by a woman who is into minimalist living and traveling and living in her pickup truck, meeting people who live in dilapidated trailers and railroad cars and refurbished shrimp boats in swamps and marshes.

That's karma for you. Sometimes karma is just a swift kick in the ass.


Don't feel battered by the karma. Everyone's path is unique, and just what God/dess would want. (I rather like her usage!) Though yeah, your path is likely to be a little more costly... :)

From time to time it bothers me that I'm taking up more than my share of the planet, living on half an acre of land on which I grow nothing edible aside from a few herbs. What would my share of the planet look like, I wonder?

Well, let me assure you that while your share of the planet might not be half an acre... Saint definitely has inherited atleast a quarter acre for personal use and play time.

So the two of you combined rightfully own a half acre =D

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