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Wow. Six weeks of trying in vain to get assistance from the Movable Type support forum; six weeks of trying in vain to get assistance from Covad, my web host, and I just now figured out the problem. Well, whew, anyway.

Mike and I had a good time in Ireland. This trip was especially cool because Mike is old enough to drink legally there (or in any other country in the world where alcohol is sold, with the single exception of the USA, [sarcasm] thank you Mrs. Dole[/sarcasm]) so we sucked down a lot of Guinness.

We rented a car in Tralee and drove out to the Dingle Peninsula. I was interested in seeing what was left of some of the old monasteries dating back to the eighth century or thereabouts. Places like the Gallarus Oratory, the only intact example of an early church of its type.

We drove up to Galway and took a ferry out to the largest of the Aran Islands, and Mike took some good pics with his digital camera. I'll post more later tonight...


Glad to see you're back in business, Mary! If this blog doesn't work out and keep you up and running, I've discovered the various blog-homes of the Web, thanks to you...,, You could start up again there if you had to. (So far, I've resisted writing anywhere but, though the lure is strong!)


Hey Liz-- I left a message on your phone last night. Or was it the night before? Anyway, just felt like chatting.

Yeah, if I get frustrated enough I'll get a new webhost. Covad sucks.


John Kerry isnt fit for command...Get and read the swift boats book against Kerry..its very revealing

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