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Not many things cuter than a warm puppy. Nothing quite like it. Mike started asking for a dog at the age of three, and we promised we'd get him one when he was five, just to buy time. At five he hadn't forgotten, but by that time Mike's dad and I both had long commutes, and there was no possible way we could get a puppy. Years went by. Mike's dad checked out, and I wanted to get Mike a puppy but I still had a 23 mile commute. Then back in April I changed jobs and moved to an office 5.2 miles from home, and now Mike is home for the summer, and while driving in the car together one recent afternoon we said "Let's do it."

Mike wanted a "regular dog" dog--not a frou-frou dog or a yappy little thing. He wanted a big dog. We spent a day reading a book called "Finding the Right Dog For You" and decided on a Labrador retriever. A couple of days searching on the internet led to a four hour drive down to Cedar Hill Retrievers in Halifax, Virginia to pick up a puppy, and here he is!

Saint Anthony the Abbot.

Of course we're just calling him "Saint"; we had to choose a longer name for the AKC registration, or his registered name would have been Saint5314, or something. He's an incredibly mellow little guy. We've had him for a week now, and he already knows "Sit". (Awwwww...) Notice the big feet: he's predicted to weigh in the neighborhood of 85 pounds, fully grown.

This picture was cropped from this one:

so as you can see, Mike waited a long, long time for his puppy.


Hey Mar, I was MIA for awhile (two conventions and the nerves that went with them). The lab is lovely! And another "Saint" (remember, that's my boy's name). Congrats!


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