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New Computer


Mike built himself a new computer, from scratch. It's cool looking. The side panel is transparent and there are large grills on the front and top behind which are fans--it has a total of 8 fans--so you can see into it. It's like one of those models of a human body with transparent skin through which you can see all the bones and veins and organs. It has blue lights inside and it glows. I tried to take some pictures but didn't have much success. With the flash on you can't detect the blue glow; with the flash off the shutter speed is too slow for a clear picture. This was the best I could do:

I hate to think how much power the thing draws. (UPDATE: Mike says it has a 620 watt power supply.)

The good news for me is that I inherited Mike's old computer, which I bought for him when he went down to UVA four years ago.

Which reminds me--

With Distinction! Way to go Mike and Joe!! (Joe is on the right; high school friend and roommate for the past four years and probably for the next three; graduated with High Distinction (doesn't play computer games.))

So, where was I? Oh yes, I inherited Mike's old computer, which is way faster than my old computer and has more memory, and comes to me with World of Warcraft installed, hehehehehehe....

My credit rating in jeopardy


A little over a year ago I took out a home equity line of credit with Charter One bank so I could have a back porch built. I'd wanted a porch ever since we bought this house in 1991, but I'd always planned to wait until Michael was finished with school. Last year a guy I work with convinced me to build my porch now and enjoy it rather than waiting four more years.

I set up on-line-banking payments through Wachovia, the bank in which I have my checking account, and I ignored all mail that came from Charter One. Earlier this month I realized my checking account was out of balance and I tracked it down to the April payment to Charter One, which for some reason hadn't been paid. I called Charter One and spoke with customer service to verify that the payment information I'd set up with Wachovia was still correct. It was, but I didn't trust the process anymore so I cancelled the online payment and put a check in the mail. I put 39 cents postage on the envelope, oblivious to the recent rise in the postage rate. The day after I mailed the payment I flew to Albuquerque for a business trip. When I returned my son informed me that the check had come back in the mail due to insufficient postage. I groaned. I added two one-cent stamps and put it in the mail again.

About four days later I got a call from Charter One bank. I returned the call and was told my payment was 27 days late. I explained the situation and the person with whom I spoke laughed and commiserated with me and said she'd "close the case". A couple days later I checked online and was relieved to see that the payment had been credited to my account the day she called.

A week later I got a nasty letter saying that I owed a payment of $0.0 which was 30 days overdue. Moreover, because the payment was so late, I had been charged a fee of $0.0, and I therefore owed a total of $0.0, which they expected to receive without delay. I ignored it. Last night I got a computer-generated phone call from a collection agency, requesting that I return their call. I did no such thing. This is now fascinating me, and I'm curious to see how far this process will go and if/how it will ever be resolved.

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