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Over here! Over here!

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Dear Mr. O'Reilly,

Please include my blog on your enemies list.

Thank you,

The editor

Friday eve dog blogging

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I'm sitting in my office with a bottle of Glaceau Vitamin Water sitting on my desk, dragonfruit flavor. I just noticed this printed on the label:

"despite having the word "dragon" in its name, no actual dragons were harmed in the making of this product. however, with 250% of the RDI of vitamin C inside, the fruit wasn't so lucky. with that said, we'd also like to inform some of you that dragons are actually imaginary. that means they don't exist. so, will you please, please, pleeease, stop sending us nasty letters. thank you."

As written, complete without upper case letters. lol. Elsewhere on the label: "the inside is natural. the outside is plastic." and "enjoy cold. refrigerate responsibly."

It's got some B vitamins in it as well as Zinc and Chromium (!). Also contains Taurine (?) and Panax ginseng extract.

I'm in a pretty good mood today, following the elections last night. Dems won big here in Virginia. I hope I hope I hope I'll feel this way the day after the election in 2006.

Moonless night

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I just noticed the moon phase on the right--no moon tonight. So this is one of the darkest nights of the year. We'll be hunkering in our caves tonight, I guess.

An Aleve Evening

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I'm beat. Got the doors back up--one was quite difficult, the other pretty easy. Went to Lowe's and picked up a new dryer-to-vent-connection-kit...

[Public Service Announcement: look behind your dryer at the fat corregated hose that connects the dryer to the wall vent. Is it plastic? If so, go buy a new connection kit--they're aluminium now. The plastic ones cause 80% of all dryer fires.]

...pulled the dryer out from the wall, installed the new connector, pushed it back.

Put the new washing machine to the ultimate test by stuffing the king-sized comforter from my bed in it. I bought this particular washer/dryer set because it was said that it would wash a king-sized comforter; we'll see. I put the water setting on "sanitize" which causes the water to be super-heated, set the soil level to "more", and watched the cycle timer go to two hours. Two. Hours. A two hour wash cycle. wow.

Gave the dog a bath (hey, if the comforter is going to be clean I want the dog to be clean too) with new antibacterial shampoo that smells like green apples. Really.

I still have four strips of molding to put back up in the doorways, which will be a piece of cake. I'll probably get around to it sometime in 2007.

So now I'm exhausted. My back has been bothering me lately and today won't help. My problem is that while I've never been a very strong person, I pretend I am. I do things that take all my strength, like hanging doors and moving the dryer. Even washing the dog wears me out.

So tonight I'm skipping dinner in favor of Aleve. Washed it down with bourbon and ginger ale, heh. If any of my dear readers is shocked by this, buzz off. You don't have my life.

Let's Hear it for Major Appliances

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My new washer and dryer are being installed as I type this. Woohoo. My old ones had been repaired multiple times and the dryer screamed like a banshee and took 3 hours to dry a load of clothes. Break out the champagne. I had to take two doors off and pry strips of molding off both doorframes. The delivery guys were forbidden from doing this themselves and were going to leave my washer and dryer in the garage. They said I'd have to get someone to remove the doors and the molding, and I thought, how hard can it be? So I did it myself while these two burly guys stood and watched.

In other news, I vacuumed the dog today. I was vacuuming the stairs so the appliance delivery guys wouldn't think I'm a slob--I kid you not, this is pathological, I know--and Saint was sitting on the landing at the top of the stairs. Disrupt the process, suffer the consequences, I thought, as I applied the crevice attachment to his side. He tolerated it, to my amazement. I tried the fabric attachment instead but he wouldn't let me anywhere near him with it, so I went back to the crevice attachment and gave him a pretty good going over--his back, anyway.

The delivery guys just left. Now I have to put the doors and molding back, and something tells me it's going to be harder to put them up than it was to take them down.

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