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Love Handles

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Hello folks. Visited the vet today. I got the nicest compliment I've ever gotten, I think. The vet said I had "love handles". I can't tell you how touched I was; I almost got teary-eyed. Yep, you have something to hang on to when you love me, that's the truth all right.

I weighed in at more than 96 pounds today. Still a growing boy! The vet suggested a nice change in my diet, and tonight the old dame scooped out some of the chicken and rice hash and replaced it with canned pumpkin. Canned pumpkin! I know they make pie out of that--I guess the vet decided I deserved to have a little dessert with my dinner, because of my nice "love handles". It was very tasty, I must say.

Friday Dog Blogging

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The old dame has been remiss about posting pictures of yours truly. Seems like I have to do everything around here...

UPDATE: By the way, I was quite pleased to discover that I've become world famous. I discovered this picture of myself on a website that I can't read. I'd be much obliged if someone could translate. It is, of course, a picture of me rolling on the floor laughing, which first appeared in this post.

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